Bevel gears are used to change the direction of power transmission without changing the torque or speed. Unlike their inline cousins, they do not need lubricant, and will operate continuously and losslessly.

Crafting RecipeEdit

The Bevel gears requires 5 Base Panels, 1 HSLA Steel Gear , 2 Shaft Units and 1 HSLA Steel Ingot with the Steel ingot in the top left corner, gear in the middle, shafts above and left of the gear and the base panels in the 5 remaining slots along the right and bottom of the Worktable. This recipe produces 4 Bevel Gears.

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The Bevel Gears does as the description states, it changes the direction of the power without losing any. Simply place the Bevel Gears in the system and right-click to bring up the interface. The GUI lets you choose what sides of the block the gears are on. Right-clicking the block with a screwdriver will show you what colors correspond to what sides.

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This block is a must have if powering the Extractor since the Extractor only accepts power from the bottom.