DC Electric EnginesEdit

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The direct current (DC) engine is the simplest to make and operate.  All it requires to function is a continuous redstone signal of any strength.  This ease comes at a cost though, these engines are the weakest of all, outputting 4 Nm of torque at 256 rad/s for 1.024 kW of power.

Power 1.024 kW
Torque 4 Nm

256 rad/s

Power Source Redstone
Risks None

Crafting RecipeEdit

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3 HSLA Steel Ingots on the top row. One on the middl right, 2 redstone on the middle middle and the middle bottom. One shaft unit on the middle left. 2 Base Panels on the bottom let and right

The Engine is crafted using 4 HSLA Steel Ingots, 2 redstone, 2 base panel, and 1 shaft unit.