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These are all the engines. From the left the are the DC Electric Engine, Wind Turbine, Steam Engine, Gasoline Engine, AC Electric Engine, Performance Engine, Hydrokinetic Engine, Microturbine, and the Gas Turbine


Engines produce rotational power. Each Engine has its own torque and speed traits, but most of them have a high speed and a low torque. Each of the different types of engines have their own set of requirements, such as energy needs, and they have their own quirks that would be good to know.

Types of EnginesEdit

List engines from weakest to strongest

DC Electric Engines

Wind Turbines

Steam Engine

Gasoline Engine

AC Engine

Performance Engine

Hydrokinetic Engine


Gas Turbine

Summary of Engines Edit

DC Electric Wind Turbine Steam Gasoline AC Electric Performance Hydrokinetic Microturbine Gas Turbine Solar Tower
Torque (Nm) 4 4 32 128 512 256 16384 16 1024 Scaleable
Speed (rad/s) 256 1024 512 512 256 1024 32 131072 65536 512
Power (kW) 1,024 4,096 16,384 65,536 131,072 262,144 524,288 2,097,152 67,108,864 Scaleable