The extractor is used to get more material out of ore.  First, it grinds ore into dust, then mixes it with water to form a slurry, then presses that slurry through a filter to obtain a liquid solution, then burns the result to obtain ore flakes.  These flakes can be smelted in a furnace to obtain a unit of the ore's material.  Each stage of the extractor has a 50% chance of doubling the output.  The machine's requirements are complex and vary from stage to stage, but a supply of water and 512 Nm of torque at 8192 rad/s will run all four stages.


The Extractor requires 2 HSLA Steel Ingots , 1 Wooden Plank, 1 Stone, 1 Impeller , 1 Drill , 1 Base Panel  , 1 Shaft Unit and 1 piece of Netherrack.

Extractor Recipie


Inputs Side
Power Bottom
Water Side

Stage: Power Requirement: Torque Requirement: Speed Requirement
1 65.536 kW 512 Nm No Requirement listed
2 16.384 kW No Requirement Listed 2048 rad/s
3 32.768 kW No Requirement Listed 8192 rad/s
4 65.536 kW 256 Nm No Requirement Listed

Extractor Duplication RatesEdit

Ores Double Chance / step Average Yield / 10 Average Extra Dust / 10
Normal 50% 50.5 3.1
Nether 75% 93.5 3.1
Rare 90% x x
  • Yields were tested with Iron Ore and Nether Iron Ore
  • In FTB Monster pack no ores had a rare value assigned to them (that i could find)
  • Overworld Diamond Ore is considered a Normal Ore
  • All Iron Ores have a chance to produce aluminum powder
If you are lucky and have every step double every time you can have a 1600% gain of material from 1 ore block!

Running ProcessEdit

The Extractor does not need to have full power and torque at all times to run each step, the example provided is one of the lowest engine requirements to run each step.

2014-02-11 16.02.44

Extractor setup with low tier engines and thermal expansion water system

Engine layout requires 4- steam engines, 3- shaft junctions, 1- 8:1 gearbox, 1-2:1 gearbox, 1- bevel gears and 1 extractor plus a way to transfer the water to the engines and the extractor.  By having both gearboxes in speed mode the required 8192 rad/s is achieved and by toggling the 8:1 gearbox into torque mode while the 2:1 gearbox is in speed mode the torque achieves the 512 Nm mark.

Once again the Extractor does not need full torque and full speed at the same time to operate, each stage can operate independantly, running the first stage with the torque setup, switching the the speed setup for the second and third stages and then going back to the torque setup for the fourth stage is sufficient to completely process any ore.

Advantages of more speed and torque is simply a faster process, output chance remains the same regardless of speed.