The Fuel-Powered Engine runs off of BuildCraft fuel to produce shaft power. It performs similarly to that mod's combustion engines in terms of power output.

Requires BuildCraft Energy to be enabled and operate.

Side Piping Behavior Edit

Top: No Fluids Accepted

Sides: Lubricant or Water accepted

Back: Lubricant or Water accepted

Bottom: ONLY gasoline accepted


Torque Speed Power
Output 1024Nm 512 rad/s 524288W


The Fuel-Powered Engine requires 2 Cylinders, 1 Gold Ingot, 1 2x Gear Unit, 1 8x Gear Unit, 1 Shaft Core, 2 Base Panels and 1 Impeller in a Worktable to be crafted.

(Picture of Crafting recipe required)

Tips and Tricks Edit

  • Each bucket of lubricant lasts approximately 26.5 minutes (0.628 mb/s). This means that a single Fuel-Powered Engine with a 16:1 gearbox powering a grinder can lubricate slightly over 19 (including itself) fuel-powered engines.
  • Each bucket of fuel lasts 15 minutes (1.11 mb/s fuel usage)