Gasoline EnginesEdit

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The Gasoline Engine runs on ethanol. Simply give it ethanol crystals and it will run. The engines produce 128Nm of torque at 512 rad/s or 65.536kW.

Each ethanol crystal adds one minute of operation time. 320 ethanol crystals will completely fill up the tank, and you can place another stack in the input slot for a total of 5 hours and 4 minutes of continuous operation.

Power 65.536 kW
Torque 128 Nm
Speed 512 rad/s

Crafting RecipesEdit

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This engine, like most Rotarycraft machines must be made inside a Rotarycraft Assembly Table. To craft the Gasoline Engine put 2 cylinders on the top left and right, 1 piece of iron in the top middle, 1 ignition unit on the middle left, 1 2x gear unit in the middle middle, a shaft unit on the middle right, 2 base panels on the bottom left and right, and 1 Rotary Fan in the bottom middle